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Ninety Two Year-Old WW II Veteran Finally Receives Medals

Jan 17, 2013

After more than 50 years of waiting a 92-year-old World War II veteran from Utah has finally received the medals he earned as a soldier fighting in the Pacific theater.

Lewis Frongner, 92, served for 20 months in the Army as a light mortar gunner during World War II earning him several medals, including a Bronze Star. But Frongner never received those medals. He says he left the service with only the shirt on his back. It wasn’t until his nephew, Steve Frongner, became curious about his uncle’s military service that anyone realized he had never received them.

“So I wrote Senator Hatch’s office and they made it happen,” Steve said.

That letter led to the ceremony that took place today in Senator Hatch’s Utah office.

“I just want to say that it is a distinct pleasure and honor today to bestow upon a wonderful, humble veteran of World War II the medals he rightly and courageously earned during 20 months of service,” Hatch said.

Lewis’s nephew, Steve, said his whole family is thrilled.

“Just to be able to see that he’s recognized for his part in the war and to get his due medals, it’s just incredible. It’s just incredible.”

Lewis, a humble veteran, was speechless, but thrilled to finally be receiving his medals.