Monday, December 26: Archbishop Desmond Tutu | KUER 90.1

Monday, December 26: Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Salt Lake City, UT – On May 10 of 1994 the Archbishop Desmond Tutu stood on the town hall balcony in Cape Town South Africa to present to his people the first freely elected president of their country. As Nelson Mandela stood by, Tutu shouted to the crowd, "This is the day of liberation. We of many cultures, languages and races are become one nation. We are the rainbow people of God." In 2002, Doug Fabrizio talked to Desmond Tutu about his role in helping his country heal from the brutality of apartheid. Tutu and others were faced with various paths to take, they chose forgiveness -- something Tutu says is an essential element of African conscientiousness. But justice also had to be dealt with. How does one forgive without forgetting? (Repeat)

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