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Jonathan Johnson Selects Education Advocate As His Lt. Governor

Apr 18, 2016

Republican gubernatorial candidate Jonathan Johnson has chosen Robyn Bagley to be his running mate and choice for Lt. Governor.

Robyn Bagley is the board chair for Parents for Choice in Education and has years of experience advocating for and working with charter schools. She’s also strongly opposed to the common core education standards. It’s a topic she almost immediately challenged Utah Governor Gary Herbert on during the announcement.

“My experience in education tells me that Utah can do much better. Herbert’s leadership in bringing about innovative solutions has been lacking. Instead his policies have turned to Washington for solutions.

Jonathan Johnson says it's that experience and knowledge that led him to choose her as his running mate.

“She knows education as well as anybody in Utah. And education is a really important issue. As I’ve been campaigning for the last year, common core has been, frankly, the issue that comes up the most. Because folks are frustrated, Utahns are frustrated, with how education is being done.”

Constitutionally the lt. governor doesn’t have many responsibilities, but in practice, the lt. governor stands in for the governor at meetings, administers Utah elections, and is next in line if the governor ever leaves office, by choice or by death.