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Investigations Continue Despite Swallow's Resignation

Nov 25, 2013

Several investigations into Utah Attorney General John Swallow will continue to move forward despite his resignation from office.

Democratic Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill and Republican Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings have been investigating Swallow since early this year. They’re trying to determine if he’s violated any state laws, specifically those against selling influence. Because of that, Gill says Swallow’s resignation will have little, if any, effect on what they’re doing.

“We just continue to work with the FBI and with their assistants," he says. "We’re looking at the things that have been brought to us and we are not done with that investigative phase right now.”

Members of the House Special Investigative committee also say they will continue with their investigation. They say that while the resignation will have an effect on their work, their original assignment was never to force Swallow from office. Instead they were charged to find facts and suggest legislative fixes to any discovered problems. Swallow will officially leave office on December 3rd.