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Governor's Office of Economic Development Reveals $2 Million STEM Media Campaign

Jan 31, 2014

Utah Governor Gary Herbert pumps his fist during the kick-off event for "STEM Utah: Curiosity Unleashed" Media Campaign
Credit Bob Nelson

The Governor's Office of Economic Development launched its 2-million dollar STEM Media Campaign Thursday at Neil Armstrong Academy in West Valley City. In 2013 legislators approved 8 and a half million dollars to support math readiness and another 1 and a half million to set up the Utah STEM Action Center to build student skills in science, technology, engineering, and math. Executive Director of GOED, Spencer Eccles, says kids need to have these skills whether they are going to be artists or astronauts.

“That’s where the world is headed. And if we don't do our job as leaders of this state and as leaders of a community, we don't provide opportunity for the state,” says Eccles, “we don't provide opportunity for our kids, that’s why we're doing it.”

Governor Gary Herbert poses with the dozens of business executives, and TV and movie personalities in support of "STEM Utah: Curiosity Unleashed."
Credit Bob Nelson

Major corporations in Utah like Adobe, Goldman Sachs, and Fidelity as well as a host of small businesses put in the more than 2 million dollars to create the campaign. The messaging in “STEM Utah: Curiosity Unleashed” is for both students and parents. It says that having STEM skills creates exciting opportunities in all fields. Governor Gary Herbert addressed the packed auditorium calling for continued legislative support. His proposed budget includes 3-million dollars for expansion of the STEM program.