Fresh Air Remembers Lou Reed

Oct 30, 2013

From his counter-culture anthem "Walk On The Wild Side" to a questionable but undeniably bold collaboration with Metallica, Lou Reed was always pushing: pushing himself, his listeners, and often the entire landscape of American popular music in electrifying new directions.  It wasn't always a successful strategy—take that record with Metallica, for instance—but when Reed's restless creative drive was in top form, it really was something to behold.  Interspersing interview excerpts with a handful of Reed's most influential songs, Fresh Air pays tribute to the gifted, polarizing musician who died of liver disease on Sunday.  Reed was 71 years old.  

Lou Reed, known for his work with the Velvet Underground and the dynamic solo career that followed, passed away on Sunday at the age of 71.
Credit Karl Walter/Getty Images