DOJ Closes Case Against AG John Swallow, Won't File Charges | KUER 90.1

DOJ Closes Case Against AG John Swallow, Won't File Charges

Sep 12, 2013

The investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice into Utah Attorney General John Swallow has apparently come to a close without any charges being filed.

In a phone call with KUER, John Swallow’s Attorney, Rod Snow, confirmed that the Department of Justice called to inform him the investigation is over. He also says the DOJ will not be filing any charges against Utah’s Attorney General. The federal investigation was focused on accusations that Swallow helped a St. George businessman bribe Nevada senator Harry Reid in an attempt to get out of an FCC investigation. The DOJ would not comment on the case. Swallow says he’s learned a lot from the experience and he’s glad this investigation is finally over.

“Hopefully people in Utah will understand that I said all along that I hadn’t done what they alleged I’d done," he says. "They were baseless allegations. And I’m glad that the Department of Justice is now at the point where they’ve finished their investigation, closed the file, and no charges will be filed.”

But Swallow isn’t done dealing with investigations. The House of Representatives, the Lt. Governor’s office, and the Salt Lake County District and Davis County attorneys are all still involved with their own separate investigations.

“I’m counting on the fact, that like with the Department of Justice, they are moving forward, if they move forward, with integrity, with fairness and trying to do the job they need to do," he says. "I would expect to cooperate with them all the way through with whatever decision they ultimately make.”

The DOJ was also investigating former Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, but he told KSL News Radio that they will not be filing charges against him either.