Democrat Luz Robles Will Challenge Congressman Stewart in 2nd District

Apr 26, 2014

Utah Congressman Christ Stewart will face Democrat Luz Robles in the upcoming November election. Robles had no Democratic competitors for the District 2 nomination, leaving her free to focus on her Republican opponent. 

At the convention, Luz Robles acknowledged that running for Congress as a working mother, a state senator, and a Democrat would be an uphill battle.

“I decided to run - not because it’s easy politically - I decided to run because just like you, I am a Democrat,” Robles said. “And I stand strong when it comes to ideals, our values, and the vision we have for our nation, our state. Just like you, I’m a Democrat that can not stay silent and do nothing when people like Chris Stewart and his friends in the Republican party are harming our families on a daily basis.”

Robles accused Stewart of putting party politics ahead of the interests of their constituents by voting for a government shut-down. She vowed to fight against those who have declared war against women and working families. Robles is the first Latina elected to the Utah Senate, and the first immigrant elected in the state legislature.