3:01 pm
Mon October 1, 2012

Crockett to Refund Campaign Dollars After Violation

The Salt Lake County Clerk’s office has requested Salt Lake County Mayoral Candidate Mark Crockett refund a portion of his campaign funds to his donors, following a decision that the republican violated campaign finance rules.

The Salt Lake County District Attorney’s office ruled during Mark Crockett’s 2012 run for county mayor he exceeded the $6000 individual contribution cap set within a Salt Lake County ordinance. The ruling was in response to a complaint filed by the Salt Lake County Democratic Party earlier this month. C]rockett’s campaign manager Randy O’Hara issued a letter to the clerk’s office saying the campaign continues to disagree with their interpretation of the rules, however Crockett will refund the money. Dahnelle Burton-Lee is Chief Deputy to the County Clerk.

“It doesn’t happen a lot but it’s not uncommon for candidates to misunderstand or have a different perception of what the ordinance may or may not mean as far as those election cycles and the $6000 cap,” Burton-Lee says. “And I think that Mr. Ohara’s letter says that.”

The county ordinance allows Crockett ten days to refund the money and another four days to file an amended finance disclosure report.