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Crews Working To Repair Extensive Flood Damage At East High School

Aug 7, 2017

An early morning downpour two weeks ago caused flooding and property damage around Salt Lake City and nowhere was hit harder than East High School.   

East High is located on 1300 E and looks like it was built to pool water. The front of the school sits on a downward slope.

The warped gym floor will need to be replaced before basketball season.
Credit Lee Hale / KUER


“As a result the water came down 9th South and stopped here at East High," says Paul Shulte, Exectuive Director of Auxiliary Services for Salt Lake City School District.


Schulte says the primary problem area was a sloped lawn near the entrance of the school. At the bottom of that slope are huge vents that lead to one of the primary HVAC room and at 4 a.m. on July 26th that room filled up like a swimming pool.


Basement classrooms need new drywall and paint before school begins on August 21st.
Credit Lee Hale / KUER

  The pressure of more than 4 feet of water was enough to burst through a metal door, setting off a security alarm that alerted Schulte and the rest of his crew.


Once the room burst, water poured into the school’s basement destroying walls and flooring in a number of classrooms, the gym and cafeteria. All told it's an estimated $4 million in damages.


“We’ve had 90 people here working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week because school starts on August 21st," says Schulte.


Workers won’t fully complete the restoration by the time school starts in two weeks but their goal is to ensure the cafeteria and classrooms are fully functional.  


Clothing, food and laundry facilities that serve students in need were also damaged in the flood. Those in the community wishing to help with a donation can do so contacting the school's Family Involvement Coodinator Kris Barta (