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Chaffetz Holds on to 3rd Congressional District Seat

Nov 5, 2014

In Utah’s 3rd Congressional District race, Republican Incumbent Jason Chaffetz handily defeated Democrat Brian Wonnacott by a 50 percent margin.

Neither Democrats, nor Republicans expected the battle over Utah’s Republican-heavy 3rd Congressional to be competitive. Political newcomer Brian Wonnacott stepped up to run with little name recognition, experience or money. But Chaffetz is a well-heeled, three-term incumbent and Wonnacott was unable to put together a formidable challenge. During his victory speech, Chaffetz told the crowd it’s an honor and a privilege to serve in the United States Congress.

“There’s a lot for the Republicans to be very excited about but I can tell you it’s also a very humbling moment because there’s a lot of issues that face this nation that need to be tackled,” Chaffets said.

Throughout the campaign, Wonnocott spoke passionately about thwarting climate change and ending political logjams in Washington. He told the crowd of Democrats Tuesday, there are real problems that require real solutions.

“I want to encourage all Utah potititions, whether national or local to see past narrow agendas to do what is best for all Utahns,” Wonnocott said.

Now that Congressman Chaffetz has been re-elected, he hopes to be become chairman of the powerful U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.