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Ari Shapiro's Five Songs for Earbud-free Biking

Nov 9, 2013

In the interest of safety, NPR's Ari Shapiro doesn't wear headphones while riding his bicycle; instead, Shapiro prefers to tuck his iPhone into a jacket pocket and crank up the volume on the phone's external speaker.  As he prepares to depart from his position as White House Correspondent to cover London for NPR, he's picked five songs that still shine despite the undeniably tinny speakers mounted on most smartphones.  Shapiro picks a wide range of cuts ranging from Janelle Monae (whose The Electric Lady LP won't seem to leave my playlists) to Robyn—head to NPR Music to listen.

In anticipation of his departure for the bike-laden streets of London, Ari Shapiro picks five songs for headphone-free commuting.
Credit Denise DeBelius/NPR