9/20/06: Oil from Sand | KUER 90.1

9/20/06: Oil from Sand

Salt Lake City, UT – With cost of energy high, the Bush administration has prioritized a break from dependence on foreign oil. Utah offers one solution -- it is the location for virtually all oil sands reserves in the United States. Like oil shale, it is an unconventional or heavy oil that is extracted through surface mining rather than drilling. Is oil sands an economically viable resource for oil, and what would its extraction mean for Utah and the West? Doug is joined by the Denver Post's Mike Soraghan, University of Utah Professor Philip Smith, and by Stephen Bloch of the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance.

The Utah Heavy Oil Center will host "Oil from Sand: Boon or Bane?" on Thursday, September 21st on the Campus of the University of Utah. The event includes a free lecture by John McDougal of Canada's Alberta Research Council called "Producing Oil in a Carbon Constrained World." Click here for more information on the full day's events.

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