9/11/09: Newton and the Counterfeiter | KUER 90.1

9/11/09: Newton and the Counterfeiter

Salt Lake City, UT – When you think of Sir Isaac Newton - you probably imagine the physicist, mathematician and philosopher who changed the way man understood the physical universe. But after years of discovery, Newton moved to London and became the Warden of His Majesty's Mint. In his book, Thomas Levenson reveals another side of Isaac Newton - the genius that helped bring down a rising star of the 17th century underworld. Levenson joins Doug to talk about "Newton and the Counterfeiter." (Rebroadcast)

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  • Breaks 1 & 2 from Susan Miron performing "Domenico Scarlatti: 13 Sonatas"
  • End of Show: John Powell (The Bourne Identity): Hotel Regina