5/8/08: The Devil Whale | KUER 90.1

5/8/08: The Devil Whale

Salt Lake City, UT – Thursday we continue our series on Utah music with the alternative folk band The Devil Whale. The Salt Lake City band - formerly known as Palomino - is very popular in Utah Valley. Provo club owner Corey Fox says their lead singer and guitarist Brinton Jones is "the most passionate front man on the scene." Doug talks to Jamie Gadette of the Salt Lake City Weekly and to Fox about the unique role Utah Valley plays in local music. We're then joined by the band - live with instruments in studio.

    Bands with a Utah Valley Connection (as suggested by Jamie Gadette and Corey Fox):
  • Allred [Emo]
  • Another Statistic [Rock/Indie/Experimental]
  • Broke City [Rock]
  • Chris Merritt [Rock/Alternative/Electronica]
  • Code Hero [Americana / Electronica / Indie]
  • Colby Stead [Acoustic]
  • Cory Mon & The Starlight Gospel [Roots Music / Acoustic / Jam Band]
  • The Eden Express (Indie / Electronica / Folk)
  • Elizabethan Report [Rock/Funk]
  • A Film in the Ballroom [Indie / Rock / Ambient]
  • Good Morning Maxfield [Folk Rock / Rock / Alternative]
  • Isaac Russell
  • Ivy League [Rock / Reggae / Pop]
  • The John Whites [Indie / Rock / Country]
  • Mathematics Et Cetera (Indie / Rock / Alternative)
  • Neon Trees
  • Return to Sender (Indie / Experimental / Ambient)
  • Seve vs. Evan
  • Swim Herschel Swim [Ska - Disbanded in 1993]
  • Taught Me
  • The Used
  • Victim Effect [Rock, Electronica, Metal]

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The Devil Whale's CD "Like Paraders" is available at Slowtrain Music in downtown Salt Lake City, and at Velour in Provo.