4/24/07: Regulating Wi-Fi | KUER 90.1

4/24/07: Regulating Wi-Fi

Salt Lake City, UT – Wireless Internet connections - Wi-Fi - make accessing the Internet easy. If you have a newer laptop computer, you can easily find a network, and many of them are completely open, with no restrictions on who uses them. But Ralph Yarro of the CP80 Foundation says they're a doorway to pornography for children and teenagers, and he's asking the Utah legislature to make it illegal to keep wireless networks open. Xmission founder Pete Ashdown says he'll shut down the free wireless network that serves downtown Salt Lake if such a law goes through. Are open wireless networks a public convenience or a hazard to children? KUER's Dan Bammes will host the discussion on Tuesday's RadioWest.

Links from today's program:
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