12/14/06: Imagining Jesus | KUER 90.1

12/14/06: Imagining Jesus

Salt Lake City, UT – When you think of Jesus, chances are the image that comes to mind isn't that of a typical 1st Century Jewish peasant. With no actual record of his appearance, Christians since the 3rd Century have been creating their own representations - from allegories borrowed from pagan motifs to the blonde-haired, blue-eyed portrait that is pervasive across the globe today. Thursday on RadioWest, Doug talks to David Morgan, Professor of Christianity and the Arts at Valparaiso University, about how different cultures have represented Jesus, and about how the picture we recognize today came to be.

The Brigham Young University Musuem of Art is currently exhibiting Beholding Salvation: The Life of Christ in Word and Image which chronicles the life and mission of Jesus through historical and modern works. The exhibit runs through June 16, 2007. For more information, call the Museum of Art at 801-422-8287.

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