11/19/10: Between a Rock and a Hard Place | KUER 90.1

11/19/10: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Salt Lake City, Utah – As a mountaineer and avid outdoorsman, Aron Ralston had come to believe that what we do in life defines who we are. In 2003, this sense of adventure brought Ralston to a remote canyon in Southern Utah, where in one flash his wrist became pinned to the canyon wall. The new feature film "127 Hours" tells the story and it opens in Utah this weekend. We're taking the opportunity to rebroadcast our conversation with Ralston. He joined Doug to talk about how doing the unimaginable transformed him. (Rebroadcast)

Danny Boyle's new film "127 Hours" opens Friday, November 19 at the Broadway Centre Cinemas in Salt Lake City. For show times and information, click here or call (801) 321-0310.

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