10/20/10: Utah's 3rd Congressional District Debate | KUER 90.1

10/20/10: Utah's 3rd Congressional District Debate

Salt Lake City, Utah – Wednesday, we host the first of our three debates between Utah's Congressional candidates. We begin with the 3rd District, as Doug sits down with incumbent Jason Chaffetz and his challenger Karen Hyer. Though running on the Republican and Democratic ticket respectively, both say they embody the conservative principles of the district's voters. We'll ask Chaffetz and Hyer about the changes both say they'd like to see in Washington, and what each would do to make those changes happen.

Submit your questions for Utah's 3rd Congressional candidates by e-mail to radiowest@kuer.org

  • No anonymous questions will be accepted. Please include your name, how to pronounce it and where in the 3rd district you live.
  • If you represent an advocacy or special interest group, include that information in your e-mail.
  • Questions submitted by individuals affiliated with either campaign will not be considered.

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