Elaine Clark

Producer, RadioWest

Elaine Clark left her home state after finishing a BA in Folklore and Germanic Studies at Indiana University. She earned an MA in Middle East Studies from the University of Utah, which included a year of academic research and work for an education NGO in the West Bank. Before joining KUER, she was Director of Public Relations and Marketing for Repertory Dance Theatre. In her free time, Elaine dreams about her former days as a rugby fullback, wanders the desert and mountains with her husband and stepdaughter, and gets lost in historic fiction and original sources at every opportunity.

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Reimagining Mozart's Requiem

Salt Lake City, Utah – You may have heard some version of how Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart came to compose his requiem - and though there have been many fantastic tales - what we do know is that a stranger arrived at Mozart's home in Vienna - and without giving his name, he commissioned the composer to create a funeral piece - offering a nice sum for the work.