Elaine Clark

Producer, RadioWest

Elaine Clark is a Hoosier, and studied Folklore and Germanic Studies at Indiana University. She earned a Master's degree in Middle East Studies from the University of Utah, which included a year of academic research and work for an education NGO in the West Bank. In her free time, Elaine dreams about her former days as a rugby fullback, wanders the desert and mountains with her husband and stepdaughter, and, as a self-confessed history nerd, reads 19th century newspapers and census records for sport.

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Reimagining Mozart's Requiem

Salt Lake City, Utah – You may have heard some version of how Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart came to compose his requiem - and though there have been many fantastic tales - what we do know is that a stranger arrived at Mozart's home in Vienna - and without giving his name, he commissioned the composer to create a funeral piece - offering a nice sum for the work.