Washington, DC – Utah Congressman Chris Cannon is defending comments he made in an interview last night regarding resigned Congressman Mark Foley. Cannon suggested to a local commercial talk radio station that congressional pages may have goaded Foley into sending them sexually explicit instant messages. Today, Cannon says he didn't mean to put the responsibility for the messages on the kids. Todd Zwillich has more from our Capitol Hill Bureau.

Salt Lake City, UT – When a herd of cows is gunned down on a lonely dirt road in the Grand Staircase National Monument, an investigative journalist, a U.S. Ranger and a Dineh Indian elder set out to find out who's responsible and head-off a full scale land war. Mark Taylor's novel "Patriots: the Redrock Land War" was a finalist for the 2005 Utah Book Award for fiction, and Taylor joined Doug Fabrizio in March to talk about misguided patriotism, violent confrontation, political conspiracy and sacred Native American belief. (Rebroadcast)

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Salt Lake City, UT – Dr. Ben Bova has been studying - and re-imagining space - since the earliest days of its exploration. He is the author of more than 100 futuristic novels and nonfiction books, and his tales are so well hypothesized, that many have accurately predicted scientific milestones. Bova will be in Salt Lake City later this week, and joins Doug for a look at the current state of the space age, and the plausibility of manned missions to the planets.

Salt Lake City, UT – In recent weeks, KUER listeners have been hearing a lot from an old friend. Dianna Douglas is a graduate of Brigham Young University who worked at KUER as an intern several years ago. She's now assigned to Baghdad as a producer for NPR News, and she is, at least temporarily, its Baghdad bureau chief. KUER's Dan Bammes spoke to Dianna Douglas about what it's like to live and work in Iraq.

Salt Lake City, UT – Monday evening, the Salt Lake City Film Center will present Ninos de la Calle, a powerful documentary focusing on a few of the 20,000 children who live and sleep on Mexico City streets. Jenny Brundin talks with filmmaker Eva Aridjis, who took her camera inside the plastic tarps where the children live. Aridjis interviews them about their harsh, drug-addicted lives and why they left home for the streets.

Salt Lake City, UT – Working wives now contribute more than a third of the typical family's income. In a third of married households, they're the bigger breadwinner. But national recognized financial advisor Jean Chatzky says many women feel insecure about money. Jean Chatzky, the author of Make Money, Not Excuses talks with KUER's Jenny Brundin about women taking a central role in family financial planning.