Kent Woodruff

Salt Lake City, UT – It may sound a little bit like a small insect flying overhead. Or a faint chirping. But in parts of southern Utah, that sound may be
coming from a bat. Jeff Rice has this week's Utah Soundscapes audio postcard.

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Salt Lake City, UT – The relationship between food and religion is part of tradition around the globe - from keeping Kosher to the Mormon Word of Wisdom -- founded in religious principles of the 1830s. Today on RadioWest, Doug is joined by Daniel Sack of the Material History of American Religion Project and others to discuss what practices like avoiding hot drinks tells us about obedience and identity. (Repeat)

Photo (c) Frank Graves
Photo by Jenny Brundin

Salt Lake City, UT – A small underground movement is growing in and around the Salt Lake Valley. And its after one thing. Used kitchen grease. As gas prices soar and the Earth heats up, a handful of tinkerers and optimists are taking the future into their own hands. They're brewing used vegetable oil from the back of restaurants in their homes, converting it into to biodiesel - a clean-burning fuel. As KUER's Jenny Brundin reports in the first of a 2 part series on bio-diesel - there's really no such thing as a typical biodieseler here.

Salt Lake City, UT – Tuesday, Doug's guest is Lawrence Wright, New Yorker writer and author of The Looming Tower. In his new book, Wright gives a detailed look at the people and the ideas that led to the tragedy of 9/11. It's the story of the rise of terrorism across the globe, and the failures of Western intelligence to stop it.

Salt Lake City, UT – History was made this weekend for one of the oldest and most secretive communities in Utah. In a rare public demonstration, the youth of Utah's polygamous communities rallied Saturday in downtown Salt Lake City. The gathering drew nearly 300 people. They said the meeting was needed to defend their right to practice polygamy and express their hopes for the future. KUER's Tasha Cook has this report.