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Outdoor recreation companies have thrown their support behind a proposed Bears Ears National Monument in southeastern Utah. In a letter, the Conservation Alliance urges the Obama Administration to embrace a proposal by Native Americans to conserve 1.9 million acres.

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LGBT rights groups are suing the Utah School Board over the state’s so-called “No Promo Homo” law. It restricts teachers and students from talking about gay and transgender issues in school.

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Eight of Utah’s 15 school board seats are up for election this November. But in a year dominated by a presidential election those down ballot candidates can be overlooked.

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Utah’s trust-lands agency netted $5.5 million this week for a fund that benefits schoolchildren. Private owners made the highest bids now own more than 3,800 acres of land that’s also prized for scenery, history and recreation.

City Seeks Feedback On Transit Master Plan

Oct 21, 2016
Lyman Clark

Salt Lake City is looking for feedback on a proposed Transit Master Plan right now. It’s part of a long-term vision for the city to create an integrated network of buses, trains, and shuttles to reduce dependence on cars.

Eccles Theater Opens This Friday

Oct 20, 2016
Erik Neumann

On Friday night the much-anticipated $119 million Eccles Theater opens in downtown Salt Lake City.

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More and more bats are losing good homes in Davis County to human development, like roads and residences. So designers at the firm, Architectural Nexus, are taking up the challenge of building them a custom condo.

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Leaders of the Alpine School District are asking for support from Utah Valley residents on November 8th. Voters will decide on a proposed $387 million dollar bond for district expansion and renovation. Lumineux_Images

Utah lawmakers heard more arguments both in favor and against medical marijuana on Wednesday, and among those in favor of legalization, there is an increasing sense of urgency.

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Bill Barron tuned into last week’s debate between Republican Sen. Mike Lee and his Democratic challenger, Misty Snow, just like a lot of other Utahns.

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Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz met Democratic challenger Stephen Tryon in Utah’s Third Congressional District Debate Wednesday night at Utah Valley University in Orem.  

Senator Udall Courts Latino Voters In Utah

Oct 19, 2016
Tom Udall press office

New Mexico Senator Tom Udall visited Salt Lake City today to campaign for Hillary Clinton. He spent some of his time meeting leaders from Utah’s Latino community.

Live Fact Checking The Third Presidential Debate

Oct 19, 2016

Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton face off in the final presidential debate Wednesday night at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. NPR's politics team, with help from reporters and editors who cover national security, immigration, business, foreign policy and more, is live annotating the debate. Portions of the debate with added analysis are highlighted, followed by context and fact check from NPR reporters and editors. Follow highlights of the debate in NPR's updating news story at


The Salt Lake City Council acting as the Redevelopment Agency voted Tuesday to set aside as much as $21 million for affordable housing in the city. They also found money to purchase sites for the new homeless shelters.

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Democrat Mike Weinholtz says if he is elected Governor this November, he will work to legalize medical marijuana in the state.  The announcement came Tuesday after his wife pleaded guilty to misdemeanor pot-possession charges.

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Utah Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz was quick to withdraw his support of Donald Trump following a video leaked earlier this month. But a recent statement from the congressman suggests he may still vote for the GOP presidential candidate.

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Over the weekend the FBI conducted a nationwide operation to recover victims of sex trafficking. One underage girl was rescued in Utah.

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Republican Utah Congressman Rob Bishop and Democratic Challenger Peter Clemens met in the 1st congressional district debate Monday night at Weber State University. 

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Members of the Salt Lake City Council will spend the next year considering a potential public accommodations ordinance. The move comes as the city is recognized by the Human Rights Campaign as an increasingly gay-friendly place. 

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At the bottom of the ballot this year, Salt Lake County voters will get to decide on a number of local issues. Among them is whether or not to fund a $90 million parks and recreation bond. 

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High school graduation rates are at an all-time high across the U.S., according to data released by the White House. And Utah sits just above the national average.

Members of the group Mormons for Trump are concerned about a trend among LDS church faithful to support third-party candidates like Evan McMullin. They say the push to “vote your conscience” is unwittingly helping to put Democrat Hillary Clinton in the White House.

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Olympus High School leaders are renaming the school’s  football stadium after former principal Mark Manning who passed away last year at age 57 from brain cancer.

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Only 34 percent of Utah’s millennial population voted in the last presidential election. While many groups want to increase turnout with voters under 29, reaction among those voters is mixed.

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New research released on Thursday by the University of Utah sheds light on the connections between socioeconomic status and cancer. And the results are not what you might expect.

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The Radiation Control and Waste Management Board is looking for a new way to get guidance on regulating the medical use of radiation -- after scrapping rules to do just that.

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Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams on Thursday responded to claims made by his opponent that he is using Mountain Accord to engage in pay-to-play politics.


Utah House Democrats hope to combat the state’s growing teacher shortage with a “package of bills” aimed to train and retain classroom teachers. The legislation is currently being drafted and would make improving teacher mentorship a priority.

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Republican Sen. Mike Lee faced off against Democratic challenger Misty Snow in their first and only debate at Brigham Young University on Wednesday night. 

Nicole Nixon

The Republican candidate challenging Ben McAdams in the race for Salt Lake County Mayor has levied some harsh allegations against the incumbent, questioning his management of the Mountain Accord.