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An 11th-hour, $1 billion transportation bonding bill gained passage on Tuesday despite some lawmakers’ reservations.

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Utah Governor Gary Herbert and outdoor-industry leaders met to work out their differences last month during a conference call. If they pulled it off, a big trade show would stay in Salt Lake City. Instead, a 20-year relationship seems headed towards divorce, but is there any chance to save this rocky marriage?

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A Utah House panel killed a resolution on climate change Monday. But supporters were pleased despite its defeat.

Immunization Bills Advance To Senate Floor

Mar 6, 2017
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On Monday two bills passed out of a State Senate Committee. Both focus on vaccinations for Utah school kids. outline205

Members of a state senate committee approved a bill today Monday that would automatically update a person’s voter registration when they renew a driver license. aijohn784

A state senate committee passed a bill Monday that would impose mandatory jail time for repeat DUI offenders.

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Currently, Utah schools receive letter grades based on student standardized test performance. But SB220 would adjust how those grades are given.

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Federal prosecutors in Utah announced a new initiative Friday to crack down on gang violence. The move comes after recent remarks by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions regarding a spike in violent crime nationwide.

Ranked Choice Voting Bill Clears Utah House

Mar 3, 2017

On Friday a bill passed out of the Utah House that would change Utah’s election process to allow ranked choice voting in statewide elections.

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Sen. Todd Weiler, R-Woods Cross, received national attention last year for running a resolution to declare pornography a public health hazard. He says this year’s Senate Bill 185 is a follow-up and would allow a person to sue a pornography distribution company for damages to a minor.

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Over the past few years the Utah Children’s Theater in South Salt Lake has seen a dramatic decrease in elementary school classes signing up for field trips. And then they decided to embrace common core.

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The Utah House of Representatives approved changes Thursday to the state's stand-your-ground law. The bill would clarify that someone doesn’t have to try to run away before using deadly force against an attacker, even if there is a safe way to escape.

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Utah legislators have approved a resolution that could increase teachers’ salaries, but it’s contingent on the state taking control of half of its federal lands. 

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Gov. Gary Herbert says he’s open to a Republican proposal that would lower overall tax rates while reinstating a higher sales tax on food.


Utah Representatives Mia Love and Chris Stewart fielded questions from constituents about health care during separate telephone town halls Wednesday night.

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On Wednesday a bill advanced in the Utah Legislature to lower the blood alcohol limit for drivers from .08 to .05. 

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A bill to reform Utah’s Juvenile Justice system is marching forward in the Utah Legislature after hitting a few roadblocks in the House.  

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When Rep. Brad Wilson, R-Kaysville, unveiled House Bill 442 earlier this week, he quickly ran into pushback from restaurant groups.  Many had concerns about having a choice limited to keeping up 7-foot barriers known as ‘Zion Curtains’ or instituting a 10-foot child-free buffer zone around a bar, what’s now being referred to as a ‘Zion Moat.’

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The Utah GOP’s decision to resume a lawsuit against an election law it had previously said it would drop has aggravated some Republican lawmakers.

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Utah’s House of Representatives voted in favor of a bill that would increase the number of elementary school counselors in the state.

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On Tuesday Governor Herbert spoke with reporters about meeting with President Trump and Vice President Pence during the National Governors Association meeting in Washington.

National Spay Day Reminds Pet Owners To Fix Their Pets

Feb 28, 2017

The last Tuesday in February is also known as National Spay Day, a day when pet owners are encouraged to spay and neuter their pets. 

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In the age of common core standards it's getting harder for educators to justify teaching art for art’s sake. Especially at Title 1 schools that enroll a high number of children from low-income households. But at Escalante Elementary in Salt Lake City’s Rose Park neighborhood, one teacher is trying to make it work.


Clean-air advocates called on Utah Governor Gary Herbert Monday to veto two bills they say would negatively impact air quality in the state.

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On Monday, a bill focused on figuring out how medical marijuana would be regulated in the future, if it were legalized, passed out of committee. But while lawmakers were happy with the bill, some advocates opposed it.


The long-awaited legislation that could bring down the barriers known as Zion Curtains was unveiled at the Utah Legislature Monday, but the restaurant walls are just one of many potential changes to Utah’s alcohol policy included the 144-page bill.

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A community town hall intended for members of Utah’s Congressional delegation Friday night instead brought out several state lawmakers from both sides of the aisle. 

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Salt Lake City has scrapped plans to build four new homeless shelters in favor of two and a hard deadline is set for closing The Road Home.

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State lawmakers are pausing legal efforts to gain control of federal lands in Utah. They’re pushing for a political solution instead.

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With anticipation of a possible new travel ban from the Trump Administration, refugee resettlement agencies in Utah are bracing for the worst.