Salt Lake City – Saturday, November 11th is Veteran's Day, a day devoted to honoring U.S. military veterans across the country. It's especially poignant that during an unpopular war, Americans on both sides are making it clear that they support the troops in their efforts in Iraq. This was not the case for soldiers returning from Vietnam.
Producer Anne Milliken brings us this profile of Utah veteran Quinn Overton of Orem, who, by the age of 24 had already fought in two wars in Kosovo and Iraq.

Salt Lake City, UT – The makeup of the U.S. House of Representatives may have shifted, but the delegation from Utah will remain the same. On Utah's Capitol Hilll, Republicans maintained their overwhelming dominance in both chambers. KUER's Jenny Brundin and Tasha Cook report:

Salt Lake City, UT – More than 21,000 American soldiers have been wounded in Iraq, and a new documentary asks what happens when those soldiers come home. Director Richard Hankin and Producer Meredith Lavitt Williams join Doug to talk about the Feldbusch family, whose son Jeremy deployed to Iraq at the age of 21. Some four months later, a piece of shrapnel lodged in his brain leaving him permanently blind. Home Front chronicles Jeremy's physical and emotional recovery, and the very real, personal cost of war.

Salt Lake City, UT – On Election Day, we're bringing you a brief respite from the exit polls and political pundits. Doug looks at the top political film picks of BYU Political Science Professor Richard Davis and film critics Bob Mondello, Scott Renshaw and Sean Means. From Citizen Kane to The Candidate to Wag the Dog, Hollywood draws on popular sentiment and fears of an era. It holds a mirror up to the American political process and the people that make it happen.

Salt Lake City, UT – Monday on RadioWest, Doug will talk with Chris Cannon and Christian Burridge, the candidates for Central Utah's 3rd US Congressional District. Cannon is the five-term Republican incumbent, proud of his work this past session consolidating school trust lands, and a bill that stopped the re-monopolization of the Baby Bell telephone companies. His opponent, political neophyte Burridge, labels himself a "new Democrat," who will vote issue by issue, rather than along party lines.

Salt Lake City – In Salt Lake County, it's called Proposition Three. In Utah County, it's called the opinion question. Both would raise the local sales tax by a quarter-percent to fund rail and road projects and speed up their completion. KUER's Dan Bammes has the story.

Salt Lake City, UT – On Wednesday, November 15th, NPR's senior news analyst Cokie Roberts will be in Salt Lake City to deliver the Keynote Address at the Salt Lake Chamber's Annual Women & Business Conference and Awards Luncheon. Doug talked to Roberts last year about her latest book, "Founding Mothers." In it, she looks at the stories of women who sacrificed and fought their own battles as part of the American Revolution. (Rebroadcast)

William Utermohlen, 1998

Salt Lake City, UT – The French painter and sculpture Edgar Degas said, "Art is not what you see, but what you make others see." But when art is used to educate and encourage conversation about an issue, how does the artist tackle a subject in his or her own genre? Thursday on RadioWest, Doug is joined by a choreographer, a novelist and an art historian who have all been thinking about Alzheimer's Disease. It's a conversation about memory, about love, and about the power of art to reflect and to heal.

Salt Lake City, UT – In Utah's third congressional district, Representative Chris Cannon is campaigning for his sixth term. Cannon, a 55 year old Provo resident, survived a tough primary battle in June. In an interview with KUER, Cannon said he's most proud this past session, of his work on consolidating school trust lands, and a bill that stopped the re-monopolization of the Baby Bell telephone companies.

Salt Lake City, UT – On Tuesday, November 7th, voters in Utah Senate District 4 will go to the polls to choose between Democrat Pat Jones, a sitting Utah House member, and Republican Dirk Anjewierden, a political newcomer. This overwhelmingly Republican district has been represented in the past by Democrats, and that makes the race between Jones and Anjewierden competitive. KUER's Tasha Cook has this report:

Salt Lake City, UT – Tuesday is Hallowe'en, and members of the Plan B Theatre Company will join us to present another live broadcast of radio theatre. They'll perform two classic tales perfect for the occasion - complete with live sound effects. We've got Ray Bradbury's Zero Hour and you'll hear Lucille Fletcher's The Hitch-Hiker much like you would have when the Mercury Theatre first did it in 1946.

Salt Lake City, UT – Mitt Romney's relationship with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints became the subject of increased examination last week when The Boston Globe reported an exchange of e-mails between Romney advisers and church leaders. In response, the LDS Church has issued a statement in which they reaffirmed their political neutrality. Monday, Doug is joined by journalists and scholars for a look at the practical role churches play in American politics.

Salt Lake City, UT – State Representative Lavar Christensen is running for Utah's Second Congressional District. The Utah Republican is hoping to unseat the incumbent, Democrat Jim Matheson. KUER's Tasha Cook met with Christensen to talk about his positions on current issues.

Salt Lake City, UT – Luis Urrea tells the powerful story of his legendary great aunt, Teresita. Famed throughout Mexico for the power to heal with her touch, the family ranch becomes a center of pilgrimage for the people and a source of concern for the government on the eve of the revolution. Urrea talked to Doug Fabrizio last year about his novel The Hummingbird's Daughter, and the author is in Salt Lake City again this week as part of the Great Salt Lake Book Festival. (Rebroadcast)

Salt Lake City, UT – Congressman Jim Matheson represents Utah's second district in the U.S. House of Representatives. KUER's Tasha Cook sat down with the Utah Democrat to talk about his bid for re-election.

Salt Lake City, UT – Yale historian Carlos Eire says in the Western world we didn't always keep death at a distance or confine it to another dimension. The Protestant Reformation though changed our view of the afterlife, and denied that the living could do anything for the dead or that the dead could intercede for the living. Eire is in Utah to deliver the McMurrin Lecture on Culture and Religion, and joins Doug for a look about what this means for our modern impressions of death.

AP Photo/Cameron Craig

Salt Lake City, UT – State Senate District Two in Salt Lake City has been represented by Democrats for the past 25 years. Incumbent Scott McCoy was appointed to the position two years ago. This is his first election. He's challenged by a Republican who's pushing the idea of a single-payer health care system that covers everybody. KUER's Dan Bammes has more on the race.

Salt Lake City – Republicans have held Utah's 1st Congressional District since Jim Hansen beat Gunn McKay in 1980. Today the seat is held by Rob Bishop, a former state legislator, who's running for his third term in the House. His Democrat challenger is Steve Olsen, an engineer from Weber County, who's been trying to convince voters that they're really Democrats -- they just need to admit it. KUER's Dan Bammes caught up with Olsen next to Highway 89 in North Salt Lake.

Salt Lake City, UT – We've all heard the nuggets of wisdom that would guide the listener to a happier life: "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you" or "Life is what you make of it." Award-winning psychologist Jonathan Haidt has applied the scrutiny of science to your grandmother's sayings to see just how true they are. He joins Doug Fabrizio to talk about his book "The Happiness Hypothesis," where he finds fresh insight on the age-old quest for contentment. (Rebroadcast)

Salt Lake City, UT – Today's RadioWest is going to be a little weird. Did you know there is a pyramid on 7th West built by a guy named Corky who is trying to communicate with advanced beings? In a Huntsville saloon you can find the stuffed head of what may be the world's largest dog. And many of you have heard of or seen the Joseph Smith sphinx in the Gilgal Garden. Today on RadioWest we're talking about Utah's strange places, and our tour guide is none other than the filmmaker Trent Harris, the curator of Utah weird. (Rebroadcast)