Pablo Celis

Salt Lake City, Ut – Monday's demonstrations in support of immigrants in Utah didn't have the massive turnout that the marches a month ago did, but there was widespread community support, particularly among Latino business owners. Supporters of stricter immigration laws also continued to make themselves heard. Pablo Celis reports.

Salt Lake City, UT – Local farmers spent a morning off of their tractors to go behind the microphones. At a news conference in Salt Lake City, they called on Congress to address the issue of high fuel prices, which they say are driving Utah farmers out of business. KUER's Mikenna Clokey reports.

Salt Lake City, UT – Yesterday, Latinos in Utah and across the country demonstrated their impact on the American economy, but that impact goes beyond dollars and cents. Spanish is becoming common in public places - from store signage to a new version of the national anthem. Do immigrant populations need to assimilate in order to achieve the American dream? We'll look at how earlier groups have both maintained their identities and joined the melting pot, and how American culture changes with each new wave.

Image ? Suzanne L. Collins, 2001

Salt Lake City, UT – For the next six months, KUER brings you Utah's call of the wild. Each week at this time, Utah Soundscapes will profile the natural sounds of the Wasatch Front and region. We kick off the series with a trip to the Great Salt Lake. April and May are good months to hear boreal chorus frogs. Jeff Rice has this audio postcard.

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Salt Lake City, UT – A new statewide plan announced yesterday puts Utah on the fast track toward becoming a leader in energy efficiency in the Intermountain West. KUER's Tasha Cook has more on this story:

Salt Lake City, UT – A growing body of scientists are blaming global warming for phenomena such as stronger hurricanes, urban heat spikes and the rise of infectious diseases. KUER's Jenny Brundin talks with Michael Taylor, director and co-writer of the new documentary Global Warming: The Signs and the Science, along with other experts about what is causing global climate change, what the future holds and what is being done about it. (Repeat)

Salt Lake City, UT – The Utah legislature created the Utah Commission on Aging this year to help state government and the private sector get ready for a wave of aging baby boomers. Of top concern will be the ability to provide for the health, financial and social needs of the elderly. KUER's Tasha Cook has this report.

Salt Lake City, UT – Author Alexander McCall Smith has described his predilection for serial novels as his "condition." Having newly published Blue Shoes and Happiness, the seventh in his No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency and last year's 44 Scotland Street which appeared as a daily serialized novel for The Scotsman in his native Scotland, no antidote seems on the horizon. McCall Smith is in Salt Lake City, and joins Doug Fabrizio to talk about the adventures of Mma Precious Ramotswe and about the charm of storytelling.

Salt Lake City, UT – For more than 50 years, the journalist Jack Anderson dug deep inside the power structure of Washington. Along the way he broke some huge stories: the CIA-Mafia plot to kill Castro; the Iran-Contra Scandal. Now, the FBI has asked the family to turn over nearly 200 cartons of papers, planning to remove whatever classified documents may be among them. The family has rejected the offer. Doug talks to Professor Tim Chambless about the story and about Anderson's life-long struggle to expose the inner workings of government.

Salt Lake City, UT – In his landmark book Huck's Raft, the historian Steven Mintz offers the first comprehensive history of American childhood. He traces the transformation of the way we have perceived children - from the sinful creatures of the Puritan era to today. Mintz argues hovering parents now impose too many demands on kids, and have stripped from them the freedom to discover the world, as well as themselves. Steven Mintz joins Doug to explain the history and direction of American childhood. (Repeat)

Salt Lake City, UT – After the fall of Saddam Hussein, a group of expatriate Iraqis proposed a radio service for Iraqi women. Their dream became Radio al-Mahaba, 96.1 FM in Baghdad. This week, one of its founders was in Salt Lake City to announce a new alliance with a commercial station here, Bonneville's AM 820. Bushra Jamil stopped by the KUER studios to talk about Radio al-Mahaba's struggle to survive. She spoke with kuer's Dan Bammes.

Kanab, UT – RadioWest is broadcasting live from Kanab, UT. Doug Fabrizio talks to members of the community about a resolution passed by their city council in January. The conservative Sutherland Institute has been shopping around its Natural Family Resolution to more than 250 local governments - Kanab has been the only one to actually pass it. It's a statement which defines and expresses support for an ideal version of the American family, and has caused a lot of talk in this small Southern Utah town.

Salt Lake City, UT – We've all heard the nuggets of wisdom that would guide the listener to a happier life: "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you" or "Life is what you make of it." Award-winning psychologist Jonathan Haidt has applied the scrutiny of science to your grandmother's sayings to see just how true they are. He joins Doug Fabrizio to talk about his book "The Happiness Hypothesis," where he finds fresh insight on the age-old quest for contentment.

Salt Lake City, UT – America has long attracted the brightest minds from around the world to work in high-tech and scientific jobs. In the last decade, however, that trend has been changing. Many PhDs are being recruited by other countries aggressively seeking top knowledge workers. Jenny Brundin talks to David Heenan, author of Flight Capital: The Alarming Exodus of America's Best and Brightest. (Repeat)

Salt Lake City, UT – Salt Lake Acting Company has once again turned its creative energy to a topic that concerns all Utahns ... water. The evening is a serious of short, original pieces from the pens of nine playwrights. Doug is joined by three of them -- Julie Jensen, Mike Dorrell and Mary Fengar Gail -- as well as by two of the performers for a look at the west and one of its most precious commodities.

Salt Lake City, UT – A national summit on identity theft has brought together officials from 21 states to talk about ways to combat one of the fastest growing crimes in the country. The meeting was also an opportunity to launch Utah's new reporting system designed to help victims report identity theft crimes to law enforcement agencies. KUER's Tasha Cook has more.

You can link to the State of Utah's Identity Theft website here:

Salt Lake City, UT – Thousands of immigration reform advocates protested yesterday at the City-County Building in downtown Salt Lake City. Monday's event followed a similar march on Sunday, which was the largest protest rally in state history. KUER's Tasha Cook has this report.

Salt Lake City, UT – Michael Pollan says America is suffering from a national eating disorder. Pollan, author of the new book The Omnivore's Dilemma, has spent the last five years following the food chains that sustain humans. He was trying to answer the most straightforward of questions - What should I eat? - but he realized he couldn't get at that without understanding these two others: Just what am I eating? And Where in the world did it come from?

Salt Lake City, Ut – Alternative fuel advocates recently gathered at the downtown Salt Lake City library to discuss Utah's bio-diesel industry. The discussion has become more pressing as fuel prices continue to rise and air quality is worsened by Utahns who drive their cars more miles than ever before. KUER's Tasha Cook has this report.