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The Hive Mind

KUER has a new project that we're calling The Hive Mind. Every month, a KUER reporter will be asking for your questions about a topic that they're interested in. Last month, KUER's Whittney Evans asked for your questions about affordable housing

Housing affordability affects all of us. KUER's Whittney Evans has been answering your questions about affordable housing for the past few weeks. Keep up on the latest story, and submit your Hive Mind questions below!


How does this work?

Step 1: We'll ask you for your questions about a certain topic. No question is too stupid or simple - we get it - this stuff can be complicated.
Step 2: We'll choose the top 3 questions that we think should be investigated and then open up a voting round. You'll be able to vote for your favorite question.
Step 3: We'll answer the question! If you submitted the winning question, we may contact you for an interview (but you can always decline).

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