Utah Compact http://kuer.org en Cooke Pledges Support to Minority Communities http://kuer.org/post/cooke-pledges-support-minority-communities <p></p><p>Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Peter Cooke gathered leaders from Utah minority communities Friday to outline his policy on immigration in the state.&nbsp;</p><p>Cooke praised leaders from the state’s Hispanic, Asian and Middle Eastern communities among others. &nbsp;He pledged he would restore the state Office of Ethnic Affairs and pointed to the Utah Compact as guide for how his administration would handle immigration policy.</p> Fri, 12 Oct 2012 23:13:46 +0000 Terry Gildea 19637 at http://kuer.org Cooke Pledges Support to Minority Communities Utah Priorities Project: Immigration http://kuer.org/post/utah-priorities-project-immigration-0 <p>The non-partisan Utah Foundation surveys voters every election cycle to find out what issues concern them most. &nbsp;It's called the Utah Priorities Project, and KUER is presenting a series of programs examining these issues with the help of Foundation researchers.</p><p>Talk to the candidates and they'll have a list of issues that they say their constituents respond to. &nbsp;But Utah Foundation President <a href="http://www.utahfoundation.org/contact/">Steve Kroes</a> says the Utah Priorities Project lets voters set their own agenda.</p> Mon, 01 Oct 2012 15:46:34 +0000 Dan Bammes 19049 at http://kuer.org Utah Priorities Project: Immigration