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Washington, DC – We continue our conversations with candidates with Congressman Jim Matheson. Matheson is a Democrat who was first elected in 2000 in Utah's 2nd Congressional District. Back then, it included only areas of Salt Lake County. By the next election, new lines had been drawn that include not only St. George but many other areas of rural Utah. He won re-election in the new district and is now campaigning for a fifth term.

Denver, CO – Utah delegates to the Democratic National Convention are excited to support Barack Obama and the Democratic Party platform, according to Wayne Holland, chair of the Utah Democratic Party.

"This is an historic event. With Barack Obama being the nominee, the convention being in the western United States. The energy of our delegation is something we haven't seen in at least a generation," Holland said.

Salt Lake City, UT – Jason Chaffetz pulled off a primary election victory over an incumbent member of Congress in a a district that's been called the "most Republican district in the nation." KUER's Dan Bammes looks at the 3rd District results and other primary snd school board election returns.

Washington, DC – Republican leaders in the US House of Representatives want to re-vamp the party image in order to stave off a Democratic landslide this year. Utah's Republicans say the agenda is just fine. Matt Laslo reports from our Capitol News Connection.

Salt Lake City, UT – Energy - and the cost of energy - has displaced public education as the most important issue, according to a new study by the Utah Foundation. The rising cost of fuel is central. But, as KUER's Dan Bammes reports, issues of energy supply, technology and conservation are also critical to the discussion.