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This week the American Legislative Exchange Council or ALEC, will hold its four day conference at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City. But the group isn't without those who oppose their agenda and plan to protest the meeting.

In honor of Pioneer day, Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Peter Cooke has introduced new policy initiatives that focus on community service and helping college graduates pay off student loans.  Cooke presented his plan this morning at This is The Place Heritage Park, where Brigham Young first saw the Salt Lake Valley one hundred and sixty five years ago.

A state Representative from Price has withdrawn her membership from the American Legislative Exchange Council – known as ALEC - just before the group convenes in Salt Lake City next week.  Democrat Christine Watkins says the goals of the conservative Council no longer align with the values of her district. 

Utah’s Attorney General, Mark Shurtleff, spoke with High School students from around the U.S. Thursday, to help raise awareness of child sex trafficking. The students are in Salt Lake City for one week to learn how to create awareness campaigns when they return to their hometown schools.

It’s official, Mark Crockett is the Republican Nominee for Salt Lake County Mayor. The Salt Lake County Clerk’s office announced Tuesday that Crockett defeated West Valley City Mayor Mike Winder in the June Primary election according to official results.

“Mark Crockett 38, 387 votes, Mike Winder, 37,368 votes for a difference of 1,119 votes.”

Republican Leaders Critical of Health Care Ruling

Jun 28, 2012

Republican leaders in Utah were uniformly critical of Thursday's ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court, saying it threatens the nation's economic recovery and could sharpen the partisan divide.  

In his monthly news conference on KUED, Utah Governor Gary Herbert said, "This has divided the country terribly and taken our eye off the ball on economic recovery.  I do believe, if you want to repeal Obamacare, you need to repeal Obama."

Andrea Smardon

Senator Orrin Hatch won the Utah Republican primary, and spent 10 million dollars in the process.  Now, Democratic challenger Scott Howell aims to turn that money against the incumbent Senator.   Howell says Hatch’s significant campaign war chest is not a problem for him.  It’s a problem for the people of Utah. 

“When you see that big money, that drives the behavior that we’ve seen in Washington DC, that gives loopholes to businesses and industries that have access that you and I don’t,” said Howell, “We’re going to end that in this campaign.”

Brian Grimmett

The KUER News team spent last night covering the biggest races in the GOP Primary Elections. We sent reporters and interns to election night events across the Salt Lake Valley and they used our new twitter account, @KUERnews, to keep you updated throughout the night of the latest results and to help give you a broader view of each candidates thoughts.

John Swallow Defeats Sean Reyes for Utah Attorney General

Jun 27, 2012

John Swallow defeated Sean Reyes in the Republican primary for Utah Attorney General last night. Swallow is the current Chief Deputy Attorney General and will face Weber County Attorney Dee Smith in the general election.

The race took an ugly turn when ads attacking Reyes’ background aired in the weeks leading up to the primary. Reyes’ campaign in turn issued a rarely successful cease and desist order to remove the ads from television. Despite the negative campaigning and lost election, Reyes explained how he felt about the last two weeks.

Whittney Evans

The outcome of the GOP primary race between West Valley City Mayor Mike Winder and Holladay businessman Mark Crockett is still uncertain. Although Crockett ended the night with a slight lead, a vote recount is likely.

Senator Hatch Easily Wins Primary

Jun 27, 2012
Brian Grimmett

Senator Orrin Hatch won the GOP Primary Tuesday night, defeating former state senator Dan Liljenquist with more than 60 percent of the vote after a campaign stoked by anti-incumbent sentiment. Hatch told supporters at his election night gathering that he was relieved that the primary is behind him.

"You know I’ve learned that you can’t take anything for granted. No matter how good you are, no matter how much you’ve done. There’s always going to be somebody who's going to find fault with you and I think that’s kind of good in some ways," Hatch said.

Utah’s Immigration Law Still in Limbo After Supreme Court Decision

Jun 26, 2012
Dan Bammes

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled on Arizona’s immigration law, but the implementation of Utah’s similar “show me your papers” legislation - HB 497 -  is still awaiting a federal court decision.  The law gives police officers authority to check suspects’ immigration status, but immigrant advocates say the US District Court in Utah needs to consider racial profiling arguments that were not heard by the Supreme Court.

Sen. Hatch Faces 'Youth Movement' In Utah Primary

Jun 24, 2012

The Tea Party revolution swept through Utah in 2010, when conservative favorite Mike Lee ousted three-term Republican Sen. Bob Bennett at the state party convention.

Perhaps the person watching the upset closest that day was Utah's longest-serving senator, Orrin Hatch. Now 78, Hatch is trying to keep his job in an anti-incumbent atmosphere that led to the defeat last month of his colleague Richard Lugar of Indiana.

KUER News has a new twitter account (@KUERnews) and yesterday's special session of the Utah Legislature proved to be a great way to break it in. We sent three reporters to the capitol and throughout the day they took advantage of twitter to keep you updated.

Interim Committee Approves Bill to Add Liquor Licenses

Jun 20, 2012
Sen. John Valentine
Andrea Smardon

Updated 2:40 PM 6/20/2012

Utah may be getting 90 new liquor licenses. The State Legislature is expected to vote this afternoon on a bill that would allow 50 full-service and 40 limited-service restaurants to obtain licenses. The amendment to the Alcohol Beverage Control Act, sponsored by Senator John Valentine, was presented to the Business and Labor interim committee this morning. Representative Don Ipson urged the committee to approve it. 

Cooke for Governor

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Peter Cooke says he’ll limit individual contributions to his campaign, if Governor Gary Herbert will join him. Cooke and his running mate Vince Ramptom stood with Utahn’s for Ethical Government Tuesday at the State Capitol to propose a series of ethics reforms, including an overhaul of Utah’s campaign finance laws.

Cooke says declining voter participation in Utah is a testament to a lack of confidence in state government.


Utah Governor Gary Herbert announced on Monday that he’s calling a special legislative session to begin Wednesday. He plans to tackle a number of issues that include education funding and  the shortage of liquor licenses available in the state.

Partisanship, Barriers Lower Utah Voter Turnout

Jun 18, 2012
Utah Foundation

Voter turnout in Utah has dropped dramatically in recent elections, and a new study by the Utah Foundation looks at some of the reasons why.

In the presidential election of 1992, 67% of Utah's registered voters took part, while only about 50% turned out in 2008.  A study by the non-partisan Utah Foundation suggests fewer close races and barriers to voter participation such as the state's closed Republican primary could be among the reasons.  Research director Morgan Lyon Cotti says the strident partisanship of recent years also plays a part.


Senator Orrin Hatch and Dan Liljenquist faced off Friday in the only debate scheduled before the primary election later this month.  

Hatch and Liljenquist debated for an hour on KSL Newsradio’s Doug Wright Show.   Hatch claims his 36 years in the Senate position him to continue being a powerful voice for Utah. But Liljenquist says Hatch has already had more than three decades to fix problems and has failed.  During the debate he attacked Hatch’s voting record.

UCF U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Governor Herbert is in Washington, DC touting Utah’s latest rankings in an annual U.S. Chamber of Commerce report. The state ranked high in economic development and recovery efforts.

Natalie Gochnour, Executive Director of the Salt Lake Chamber, says it’s a good day for Utah’s economy.

Draper city residents expecting to vote in favor of a $29 million tax bond for the construction of a recreation center in the June primary will be disappointed to see it won’t be on the ballot. Draper City Council is withdrawing the measure amid concerns from the Draper business community.

Liljenquist Stages Mock Debate Without Hatch

Jun 7, 2012
Terry Gildea


Republican Dan Liljenquist vented his frustration last night over the fact that Senator Orrin Hatch will not debate him multiple times before the June 26th Primary. Hatch has agreed to one radio debate before then, but the  former state senator held a mock debate anyway without the incumbent present. 

Liljenquist was unapologetic about holding the event where he debated pre-selected video clips of Senator Hatch on policy issues.  He said the incumbent’s refusal to engage in more than one debate between now and the election won’t stop him from getting his message out.

Anti-Corporate Personhood Initiative Stalled

Jun 7, 2012
File Photo

An effort to ban corporate personhood in America through a local Salt Lake ballot initiative has been stopped, but city officials who support the measure say it’s not over yet.

Wimmer Won't Work for Nevada GOP

Jun 7, 2012
Carl Wimmer
Dan Bammes


On-street parking in downtown Salt Lake City may no longer be free after 6:00 p.m., on Saturdays, and during the December Holiday season.  A straw poll of the City Council suggests there is support for these changes - as well as higher rates.

Jennifer Napier-Pearce\">

Washington, DC – No one knows precisely how many Utahns attended yesterday's Presidential Inauguration in Washington DC, or all the reasons why scores traveled 25-hundred miles to be there.

But KUER's Jennifer Napier-Pearce caught up with two Utahns who made the trek to find out what motivated them to brave the crowds and frigid temperatures in order to be part of this moment in history.



Photo courtesy of Matthew LaPlante.

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Photo courtesy of http://www.bowenforcongress.com

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