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KUER is looking for your questions for a new project that we're calling Ask KUER. We want your input about what we should be investigating. Share your questions below - it can be anything!

For example:

  • What's the deal with funeral potatoes?
  • Is Utah's air quality actually improving?
  • Are we really due for a super earthquake? 

Trump's Interior Department is making big changes to our National Parks. The department has recently announced plans to shrink Bears Ears National Monument and raise fees at four of five national parks in Utah. What questions do you have about these changes to public lands? Maybe you're wondering about the impact on tourism and employment in Utah. Or maybe you're curious to know about past presidents' relationships to the parks. Or maybe you have a question about something else altogether. Send us your questions below, and our reporter, Judy Fahys, may answer it in a KUER story.